Free lottery as an alternative to online casinos

Many of us have met on the Internet numerous articles on how you can make money playing online casinos or cheating them. Looking ahead, let’s say that this is the most outright lie, not only because Online casinos in New Jersey games have a negative mathematical expectation of payments, but also because the promised deception of the casino is promoted by the casinos themselves and their owners, because some people believe and carry their own money.

How can this be avoided? To avoid being deceived? Correctly! Do not invest in gambling a penny. After all, how can you take away what is not? That’s why we developed a fundamentally new gambling game –  an absolutely free online lottery with real money prizes. In which, in all seriousness, you can win 10,000 rubles daily. Another thing is that this requires a fairly developed intuition, but this is the second question.

What is the problem when playing our free-Internet lottery? In guessing the number from 0 to 999 999. That’s so simple, extremely simple. But is it easy to guess such a number? It depends on what you compare it to.

It is easy to calculate that the probability of winning the main prize of 10,000 rubles is 1 to 1 million, which is a very high indicator compared to other gambling, especially given the ABSOLUTE free of each attempt.

Each attempt to guess the number costs the Player one Chance. The daily number of Chances of each Player is limited and depends on how actively he helps the “Social Chance” project in social networks. Every day the number of Chances of each Player is renewed – and again everyone has the Chance to win!

Why is it more profitable to play in our free Internet lottery than in an online casino? The answer is simple – an online casino in the long term leads to a loss. This is known to everyone who professionally dealt with the issue of casino gambling, in particular, an online casino. When playing the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” the chances of winning significant amounts only increase, and the deposit inevitably grows.

Remember this word: INEVITABLE. The deposit when playing the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” grows truly unavoidable, which is achieved thanks to the innovative business model of our online lottery, which we wrote about in a separate article.

A particularly inquisitive mind can even draw a parallel with the services of earning on viewing ads. But according to the developers of the free online lottery “Social Chance”, the services of earnings on advertising do not have enough such indicator as profitability, because at an average cost of 20 rubles per 1000 banner impressions, the cost of one advertising display is 0.02 rubles. Thus it is necessary to look through each banner about 5 seconds, plus there is a system commission. In the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” there is  an element of randomness , through which the money collected from advertising is redistributed among players, allowing a certain percentage of players to win substantial amounts.

Here we should also remember the exponential distribution of probabilities and its sacred meaning in the context of the free Internet lottery “Social Chance”. The exponential probability distribution says that over time the probability of occurrence of an event is increasing. If we consider the winnings of substantial sums in the free Internet lottery “Social Chance” events quite rare, then their offensive as long as the game in the “Social Chance” is inevitable. Equally, as well as the deposit is unavoidable when playing in an online casino (recall that online casino games have a negative mathematical expectation of winning.