The Tools To Progress To Poker

Years pass and our favorite game stays the same, with 52 cards, world series of poker promo code and a carpet. At the same time, we must not hide it: the more you advance, the more competitive poker becomes. Nowadays, we no longer suppose. We say! The seasoned players no longer say ”  I think it is necessary to call  “, but ”  it is necessary to call! ”

The reason for their certainties are? The mathematical resolution of certain spheres of the game. And whether you are a professional player or an enlightened amateur, it is now unthinkable not to surround yourself with tools enabling you to acquire all the notions relating to these maths and to progress. In this article you will find a description of the main software to be used, together with some keys to use them at best. As the world is well done, some of these software are available directly in the Winamax VIP store : you can therefore offer them with your loyalty points!

Hold’em Manager 2

This software has become virtually indispensable in cash game . This is a tracker that allows you to store reports of your online games as a database, and thus compile your entire hands and results. But the best interest of Hold’em Manager is to analyze your game and that of your opponents thanks to the varied data that it provides. All during the game! In what way? Firstly through HUD (for  heads-up display, “dashboard”) which displays many statistics directly on our opponents at the table and which allows us to adapt more quickly to their game. One can completely configure the HUD to adapt it to the format of game For example, you will need different statistics depending on whether you are on a cash-game table or tournament.

The software has some very interesting features, such as the ability to mark hands at the table for easy access after your session is over. You can also program filters that will allow you to analyze all the hands played with such and such a line (3-barrel, for example).

There are many “closed” situations where the right decision is not necessarily intuitive or obvious. Sometimes the wrong decision is made in a certain type of spot, thinking it is profitable . Thanks to the filters (tab ‘My reports’ ), you can analyze your game errors from each position. For example, to check your flight stats, go to the ‘Overall’ tab . Then click on ‘ Stats ‘ and add ‘PF Steal ‘. Once this percentage is obtained, it is still necessary to interpret it. The simplest is to compare your percentages with those of the biggest winners of the limit (usually around 30% steal and more for our example).

Do you play your pairs profitably? Is your preflop assault level appropriate? Is your check-raise percentage high enough? Are your connectors profitable? To get all these answers and start on good bases, good articles are available on the official website of HM Manager, like Plugging Leaks: The Basics .

Finally, you have the option of adding an add-on to Hold’em Manager 2: Leak Buster , a software that can detect your common mistakes. Leak Buster will analyze your hands and give you a number of “leaks” that he spotted. It will tell you for example if you tend to over-play your little Aces or play your connectors too passively.


SnapShove is an application for smartphones created by the player pro Max Silver. It allows tournament players to calculate ranges with which to play or not on a table of 2 to 10 players when they have 25BB or less. An ideal soft to improve his shortstack game!

The application is intuitive and extremely simple: one enters the number of blinds, the amount of antes, the position of both players and the app then does the work! Be careful not to fall into the trap: the software reflects in terms of optimal ranges and is therefore to be adapted according to the profile of the player. Do not pay a carpet of 15 big blinds with Q 9 against a grandpa who played a hand in 4 hours simply “because the application told me to do it”!

It should also be noted that if one decides not to go straight with certain hands, for example premiums that we will prefer to raise with 15 or 16BB, we must remove the same number of combos from the bottom of our range of shove. This also applies to our opponent if he does not make carpets with his best hands!

At the time of this writing, Snapshove is allowed live and it is therefore possible to consult his push / fold ranges between each hand, in case you have not done your homework by learning all by heart. This is especially useful during Turbo tournaments, where you need to know your ranges on your fingertips.

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