Unibets standard delaying procedure is following:

-Client request a withdrawal and Unibet simply rejects clients withdrawal request and Unibet blocks his betting account without notifying him.

– Client sends mail why his Unibet betting account is blocked and waits up to 7 days to receive explanation that due to security measures Unibet requests a document with a photo ID and a document that proves clients home address.

Р Client sends scan of a passport and a scan of a bill for electricity that has written his name and home address.

Р After 3 days still no reply and clients sends mail whats going on. After additional 2 days Unibet reply that scan of a bill for electricity is not good enough document to prove his home address. But they again dont say what document is good enough for them.

-Client then sends scan of his monthly bank statement. After waiting again up to 5 days he gets mail that his account is unblocked and he is now verified and he wont be asked for any more documents.

-Client requests maximum daily withdrawal amount in day 1 and receives money.

-In day 2 client makes again request for a maximum daily withdrawal amount but this time he again after logging in his account, see that request was rejected and again no notification why they rejected his request. At least this time they didnt block his account.

-Client sends new mail why they rejected his withdrawal request in day 2 when in day 1 they approved his request.

-After waiting again 3-5 days hes informed that due to security reasons theyve decided to request for an additional document. With other words – Unibet tries anything to delay new withdrawals.


-Finally after almost a whole month and sending 4 different types of documents (scan of passport, bill for electricity, monthly bank statement and additional document usually depending of deposit method), client is allowed to withdraw entire money.

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