What Is 3 Card Poker?

3 Card Poker by Microgaming is an online version of the classic poker game. Internet 3 Cards Poker is two games in one: Pair Plus and Ante. The PairPlus and Ante games can be played separately or at the same time. how to play online poker is the question for many peoples .

3 Cards Poker is played with a deck that is shuffled before each game. Try Internet 3 Card Poker for giant fun or real money at the First Web Internet Casino, where you will be offered fair games, excellent welcome bonuses, quick payouts, and first-class customer service.

Game rules for 3 card poker

The basic idea of ​​3 card poker is to get a bonus hand or hit the dealer’s hand (or both). You start with the ante, then you can put on each hand. Your gaming bets are the same as the ante bets, so decide how much you want to play in each game.

Make sure that the donor must have a lady or higher to play (or “qualify”). If the donor does not qualify, you win your game bet and the double ante bet, regardless of your hand.

You can bet on ante, on PairPlus or on both. You can bet on both different amounts.

To qualify for the Ante or PairPlus bonus payments , you must make a corresponding bet. In other words, if you have not made a PairPlus bet, you will not qualify for the PairPlus Bonus. The same applies to the ante bonus. Get out, then you lose your bets in both games.

Ante game and winning rules

The ante game has normal and bonus payouts. To play ante, place an ante bet on the table. You get three cards. You can stay in the game or get off. Then the encoder receives three cards. The sheet must contain at least one lady for the qualification. If the donor does not have a lady in her hand and goes out, you automatically receive your game bet and your double ante bet. If the dealer qualifies, then you can play and bet an amount according to your ante bet. Then the hands are compared. If your hand is higher, you have won and you receive a payout of 1: 1. If, on the other hand, you are losing, you can get out and lose only your ante bet. Furthermore, there are bonus bonuses for bonus hand combinations, independent of the donor’s cards. The payouts are as follows:

Straight Flush 5: 1

Three-of-a-kind 4: 1

Straight 1: 1

If the hand of the donor qualifies, your hand is compared with that of the donor. If you have the higher hand, you will receive a payout of 1: 1 for your ante and game bet.

You can win 3 card poker in three different ways:

  1. the donor does not qualify;
  2. You have a bonus combination;
  3. You have a profit sheet.

If you play Ante and PairPlus, but you do not have a bonus combination, your payout is made according to your normal payout schedule, if your hand is the winner.

If you have a bonus hand combination, the payout is made according to the bonus payout plan.

Poker sheet ranking at 3 Card Poker

The “Qualifying” hands listed below at 3 Card Poker show the ranking from top to bottom: Straight Flush – three cards of the same color in a row (eg diamonds 5, 6 and 7) Three-of-a-Kind – three cards with (for example, 3 queens) Straight – three cards of any color in a row (eg 8, 9, and 10) Flush – three cards of the same color (eg Heart King, 4 and 7) Pair – two cards (one pair) of the same value as well as any other card (eg 9, Joker, 9) Ace High – an Ace and any other cards King High – a King and any two other cards (but no Ace) Queen High – a Lady and any two other cards (however no ace or king)

Technical terms for 3 card poker

Ante – Minimum bet betting before the cards are issued. Note: only in the ante game.

Play – If you believe you can beat the giver. A bet on the same level as Ante. The two sheets are compared automatically. Note: only in the ante game.

Get off – If you believe you cannot win and keep your losses low. You can see what the giver had in hand, the game is over. You lose your ante bet, but can of course continue.

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